Optimisation Analyst

Mill Lane, Digbeth

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UK Head Office - Head Office

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Working Pattern

Full Time


Up to £30,000 per annum

Closing Date

29/05/2022 16:00

Join us on the Journey...

Working with the Analytics and Optimisation Manager and the Optimisation Developer within the wider Digital team you will support our analytics and conversion rate optimisation programme in analysing performance across our UK sites, identifying problem areas and developing measurable solutions to improve our sites conversion rate performance. 

You will be responsible for maintaining our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up and configuration, ensuring we are collecting the right data from our online platforms to be used by the wider business.

You will use your data skills to build, manage and maintain reports and dashboards on website performance to be distributed throughout the wider business.

As well as maintaining our analytics capabilities you will also be a key contributor to our Conversion Rate Optimisation programme which conducts A/B and Multivariate testing on the website to make measurable and statistically significant improvements for our users.

As part of this you will be expected to be proactive and conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of the website using a variety of tools to identify potential UX issues and formulate testing hypothesise to fix these issues.

You will become expert in using on site testing to drive conversion rate improvements; designing and researching tests, monitoring results and interpreting conclusions.

This is a new role at National Express, and as such you will become an integral part of our Digital team. This role is based at our office in Digbeth with the option for flexible working (1+ days in the office) or full time office based. The majority of the team choose a flexible approach, working around 2 days in the office.

To succeed in this role, you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Web analytics skills using Google Analytics (universal analytics)

  • A strong understanding of Google tag manager

  • An understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods

  • A passion for new challenges and learning new skills.

Key aspects of the role

  • Support the Analytics and Optimisation Manager in the management of our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up across multiple websites.

  • Produce rich reporting and dashboards of website performance for use by eCommerce and the wider business.

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to identify problem areas and potential website improvements

  • Support the Analytics and Optimisation Manager and the Optimisation Developer in developing, briefing, launching and monitoring A/B and Multivariate experiments.

  • Gain insight from experiment conclusions and present findings to the wider business.

Key Requirements

  • Strong Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager skills.

  • Excellent working experience of working with large datasets and presenting summaries in a meaningful way.

  • Experience of working on projects independently.

  • Experience of working within a small team on complex and multifaceted projects.

  • A general “can do” attitude with an enthusiasm for new challenges and learning new skills.

Desirable Requirements

  • Statistics background or qualifications.

  • Experience of AB and multivariate testing.

  • User research experience.

  • Working knowledge of javascript

  • Advanced working knowledge of google sheets and google apps script.

  • GA4 experience.

Things to note...

At National Express, we are really proud of our health and safety record and as a result, we operate a Drugs and Alcohol Policy which is applicable to all employees.

As part of your initial assessment, we will complete Drug and Alcohol testing and you may be subject to random tests during your employment.



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